What is an emerging technology?

  title={What is an emerging technology?},
  author={Daniele Rotolo and Diana Hicks and Ben R. Martin},
Despite the growing interest around the emergence of novel technologies, especially from the policy-making perspective, there is still no consensus on what classifies a technology as ’emergent’. The present paper aims to fill this gap by developing a definition of ’emerging technologies’ and a framework for their detection and analysis. The definition is developed by combining a basic understanding of the term and in particular the concept of ’emergence’ with a review of key innovation studies… Expand
Exploring the Fundamental Conceptual Units of Technical Emergence
  • A. Suominen, Nils C. Newman
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)
  • 2017
The conceptual origins and relations of indicators to the concept of technological emergence are evaluated and the possibility to actually measure and test the behavior of this unit using repeatable bibliometric techniques is induced. Expand
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Unraveling the capabilities that enable digital transformation: A data-driven methodology and the case of artificial intelligence
A novel bibliometric framework that unearths clues from scientific articles and patents is presented that incorporates the scientific evolutionary pathways and hierarchical topic tree to quantitatively identify the DT research topics’ evolutionary patterns and hierarchies at play in DT research. Expand
How the analysis of transitionary references in knowledge networks and their centrality characteristics helps in understanding the genesis of growing technology areas
It was shown that social studies in emerging technologies demonstrate better consistency in background in literature, however, an analysis of transitionary references and their centrality characteristics can hardly confirm the existence of separate research fields in both cases. Expand


Conceptualization and operationalization of emerging technologies: A complementing approach
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Technological guideposts and innovation avenues
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What Does the Future Hold? A Critical View of Emerging Information and Communication Technologies and Their Social Consequences
  • B. Stahl
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Researching the Future in Information Systems
  • 2011
An overview of emerging information and communication technologies that can be expected to become socially relevant in the next 10 to 15 years is provided by a dual discourse analysis of publiccations on emerging ICTs. Expand
Technology futures analysis: Toward integration of the field and new methods
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Examining open-endedness of expectations in emerging technological fields: The case of cellulosic ethanol
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The Emergence of Emerging Technologies
The biological notion of speciation events, which form the basis for the theory of punctuated equilibrium, can reconcile the process of incremental technical change with the radical change associated with the shift of an existing technology to a new application domain and assist managers to cope with, and potentially exploit, such change processes. Expand