What is an Animal? A Philosophical Reflection on the Possibility of a Moral Relationship with Animals

  title={What is an Animal? A Philosophical Reflection on the Possibility of a Moral Relationship with Animals},
  author={Hub Zwart},
  journal={Environmental Values},
  • H. Zwart
  • Published 1 November 1997
  • Philosophy, Psychology
  • Environmental Values
Contemporary ethical discourse on animals is influenced partly by a scientific and partly by an anthropomorphic understanding of them. Apparently, we have deprived ourselves of the possibility of a more profound acquaintance with them. In this contribution it is claimed that all ethical theories or statements regarding the moral significance of animals are grounded in an ontological assessment of the animal’s way of being. In the course of history, several answers have been put forward to the… 
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  • 2010
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Emphases in the quoted passages are in the original. Citations of Kant's works refer to the Academy edition (abbreviated as 'Ak'): Kants gesammelte Schriften, edited by the Königlich Preußische
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Heraklit’. In: Gesamtausgabe 55, Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio
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