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What is a European Identity? The Emergence of a Shared Ethical Self-Understanding in the European Union

  title={What is a European Identity? The Emergence of a Shared Ethical Self-Understanding in the European Union},
  author={Cathleen Kantner},
Against the common view that a European identity is a functional precondition for legitimate EU governance, this paper argues that conceptual weaknesses of the term ‘collective identity’ inherited from social philosophical and sociological tradition led to a confusion of several analytic dimensions of ‘identity’ and to an overestimation of strong forms of collective identity. Insights provided by analytic philosophy will be introduced in order to redefine and differentiate the concept of… 
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Europa als besonderer Kommunikationsraum
ZusammenfassungDieser Aufsatz unternimmt den Versuch, eine soziologische Perspektive auf den durch den europäischen Integrationsprozess ausgelösten Vergesellschaftungsprozess zu entwickeln. Dabei


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