What is a “Mafia State” and how is one created?

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Post-communist predation: modeling reiderstvo practices in contemporary predatory states

While the economics of predatory states has been at the center of an emerging discussion, a rich body of literature on predation already exists in the scholarship on post-communist regimes. This

New institutionalism, critical junctures and post-crisis policy reform

ABSTRACT Two accounts of change dominate with new institutional literature. The first emphasises ‘punctuated equilibria’ in which change is shock-driven, sudden and radical enough to loosen path

Oligarchs and Cronies in the Philippine State the Politics of Patrimonial Plunder

Five years after the downfall of Ferdinand E. Marcos, scholars of Philippine politics have yet to achieve even minimal consensus on the proper characterization of his authoritarian regime. More

Clientelism and Social Funds: Evidence from Chávez's Misiones

Abstract The latest president in Latin America to adopt social funds on a large scale as an integral part of his government program has been Hugo Chávez Frías of Venezuela. Based on the literature on

Explaining radical policy change: the case of Venezuelan foreign policy

This article uses the case study of the radical changes that have occurred in Venezuelan foreign policy to test the utility of different models of policy-making, looking specifically at policy

When States Fail: Causes and Consequences

Do weak governments around the globe merit assistance? The premise of When States Fail: Causes and Consequences is that without strong government, society devolves into chaos. Sponsored by the

Explaining military coups and impeachments in Latin America

We develop a unified theory of presidential instability to explain why presidents are removed from office through military coups or through legal procedures. While some causal factors motivate

Policy Transfer through Time and the Search for Legitimacy in Developing Nations

This article explores the relationship between policy transfer through time and the quest for political legitimacy in developing countries. It is concerned with instances where contemporary figures