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What is Quantum Thermodynamics ? Gian

  title={What is Quantum Thermodynamics ? Gian},
  author={Paolo Beretta},
What is the physical significance of entropy? What is the physical origin of irreversibility? Do entropy and irreversibility exist only for complex and macroscopic systems? For everyday laboratory physics, the mathematical formalism of Statistical Mechanics (canonical and grand-canonical, Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distributions) allows a successful description of the thermodynamic equilibrium properties of matter, including entropy values. However, as already recognized by Schr… 

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Frontiers of nonequilibrium statistical physics
This book presents information on the following topics: the approach to thermodynamic equilibrium (and other stationary states); physics as a meaning circuit; predictive statistical mechanics;
Foundations of quantum mechanics and ordered linear spaces : Advanced Study Institute, Marburg 1973
Orderings of vector spaces.- Duality of cones in locally convex spaces.- Order unit and base norm spaces.- Minimal decompositions in base normed spaces.- Simplex spaces.- Representation of Banach
Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation
Dirac Formulation of Quantum Mechanics. Elementary Quantum Systems. Operator Algebra. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field. Interaction of Radiation with Matter. Quantum Theory of
Uniting mechanics and statistics
An adventurous scheme which seeks to incorporate thermodynamics into the quantum laws of motion may end arguments about the arrow of time — but only if it works.
An Introduction to Equilibrium Thermodynamics.By Bernard Morrill. Pp. xi + 353. (Pergamon: Oxford and New York, February 1973.) £7.50.
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    Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
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I am writing with a simple plea to balance the voluminous articles about treatment in your journal with a modicum of information about nature and caring effects to rekindle the perception of physicians as healers, not only treaters, who relish the gifts of nature, and foster the humanistic aspect of medicine that has thrived for millennia.
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