What is News?

  title={What is News?},
  author={Tony Harcup and Deirdre O’Neill},
  journal={Journalism Studies},
  pages={1470 - 1488}
The deceptively simple question “What is news?” remains pertinent even as we ponder the future of journalism in the digital age. This article examines news values within mainstream journalism and considers the extent to which news values may be changing since earlier landmark studies were undertaken. Its starting point is Harcup and O'Neill's widely cited 2001 updating of Galtung and Ruge's influential 1965 taxonomy of news values. Just as that study put Galtung and Ruge's criteria to the test… 

“A Nose for News”: From (News) Values to Valuation

“News values” - that is, the set of criteria that journalists use to assess newsworthiness - are a central concern for journalism studies. Since Galtung and Ruge’s seminal piece (1965), scholarship

News Judgment, News Values, and Newsworthiness

  • T. Harcup
  • Sociology
    The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies
  • 2019
Judgments made by journalists about what is newsworthy have been explored within the academy for decades, since before journalism studies was even acknowledged to be a distinct field of study.

What Is (Fake) News? Analyzing News Values (and More) in Fake Stories

‘Fake news’ has been a topic of controversy during and following the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Much of the scholarship on it to date has focused on the ‘fakeness’ of fake news, illuminating

Making Tabloid Travel Journalism: Values and Visuality

The processes by which news is selected—the values that determine the selection of one story over another—have long attracted scholarly interest. In the broader context of exploring journalism’s

What’s newsworthy about ‘social news’? Characteristics and potential of an emerging genre

This article describes the emerging genre of ‘social news’ – characterised by a ‘born-digital’ form of journalism which is both symptomatic of and a pragmatic response to the logics of social media.

How Journalists value Positive News

Although the negative bias of the news media is generally recognized in many countries, the media also regularly feature various types of positive news, ranging from touching human interest stories

The Persistence of Ethnocentric Framing in Online News Coverage of European Politics

Abstract This article explores the potential added value of online news media in reporting European Union (EU) politics. Precisely, it examines the extent to which online reporting could generate

Contextualising News Values: A Review of the Literature

This chapter contextualises analysis of news by discussing key arguments and theories from critical scholarly literature on news selection, and beyond. This extensive literature review will consider

The eristic of newsworthiness in the representation of Barnevernet controversy: A case study of the Norwegian Child Welfare Service

This study offers a critical evaluation of news values by four selected contemporary media outlets: BBC News, The Federalist, OneEurope and Dagbladet. The material covers the controversy around the

Newsworthiness and story prominence: How the presence of news factors relates to upfront position and length of news stories

The presence of news factors in journalistic products has been abundantly researched, but investigations into their actual impact on the news production process are scarce. This study provides a



Rethinking news values: What a discursive approach can tell us about the construction of news discourse and news photography

The study of news values/factors has a long and rich history in journalism and communications research. Conceptually, they encompass not only the newsworthy aspects of happenings or news actors but


What goes on in editorial conferences and how do news journalists decide what is newsworthy? The journalistic “gut feeling” is an important part of the professional self-understanding of journalists


What Swedish journalists think is, and should be, important event properties when deciding what's news is investigated, and whether there are differences across journalists working for different kinds of media and depending on whether they work with online publishing is investigated.

No cause for celebration: the rise of celebrity news values in the British quality press

In their study of news values in in the British press Harcup and O’Neill (2001) noted that celebrity was one of the redefinitions of the ‘taxonomy of news values for the twenty-first century’. At the

What Is News? Galtung and Ruge revisited

This study aims to shed light on the news selection process by examining the news values currently operational in British newspapers. The study takes as its starting point Galtung and Ruge's widely

Interactive Infographics and News Values

Journalistic and organisational norms are found to shape the selection, production, and treatment of interactive graphics, and a degree of variation is found to exist amongst practitioners as to definitions of quality in this field.


The suggestion that the activities of public relations professionals and news agencies help to shape news content in national and local news media is increasingly commonplace among journalists,

Psychology of News Decisions

This article is about causal explanations for the way journalists report the news. In its first part, the article reviews traditional and current models or theories of journalists’ news decisions,

The American Journalist in the 21st Century

The good news is that the average pay for American journalists has risen to $43,588. The bad news is that the purchasing power of journalists remains below that of the early 1970s. That is according

The Role of News Factors in News Selection: A Theoretical Reconsideration

An overview of American and European research on the concept of news factors in news selection shows some theoretical and methodological problems, which can be reduced to four dimensions. First, it