What is Mathematics Really

  title={What is Mathematics Really},
  author={C. Kielkopf},
  journal={International Studies in Philosophy},
  • C. Kielkopf
  • Published 2003
  • International Studies in Philosophy
historically evolved, and intelligible only in a social context.” Hersh describes some of the standard issues of philosophy of mathematics, such as existence of finite and infinite mathematical entities, intuition, proof, and truth, and tries to show that his philosophy deals with these issues better than do the philosophies he rejects. Although I found the book very interesting and informative in many ways, I am not sure Hersh succeeds in making his case for his humanist philosophy. Part One… Expand
Experiencing Mathematics: What Do We Do, When We Do Mathematics?
Most mathematicians, when asked about the nature and meaning of mathematics, vacillate between the two unrealistic poles of Platonism and formalism. By looking carefully at what mathematicians reallyExpand
Beyond the Axioms: The Question of Objectivity in Mathematics
I will be discussing the axiomatic conception of mathematics, the modern version of which is clearly due to Hilbert; but one aspect of it goes back to Cantor. I refer here to Hilbert’s view that theExpand
Matter, mathematics, and God
Abstract This paper contrasts materialism and theism in their ability to give a plausible account of mathematics. The ideal, abstract entities of mathematics do not fit readily within a materialistExpand
Lifeworld and Mathematics
The article “Lifeworld and Mathematics” has been inspired by well-known scientists, from whom are listed here: Edmund Husserl, Jurgen Habermas, Reuben Hersh, Martin Heidegger, Hartmut von Hentig andExpand
Mathematical Explanation: Problems and Prospects
Since this issue is devoted to the interaction between philosophy of mathematics and mathematical practice, I would like to begin with an introductory reflection on this topic, before I enter theExpand
Beyond Traditional Conceptions of the Philosophy of Mathematics
The nature of mathematics has been a common focal point of mathematicians and mathematics educators. This is evident in the frequent citations of the works of Imre Lakatos and Reuben Hersh in theExpand
Metaphors for Mathematics and Philosophical Problems
The goal of this essay is to examine metaphors for mathematics and to discuss philosophical problems related to them. Two metaphors for mathematics are well known. One is a tree and the other is aExpand
The fall and original sin of set theory
Hermann Weyl published a brief survey as preface to a review of The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell in 1946. In this survey he used the phrase, “The Fall and Original Sin of Set Theory.”Expand
There have been many attempts to describe what mathematics is, and in the classic book by Courant and Robbins (1941/1996) the authors intend, through examples from many areas of mathematics, to giveExpand
Implications of Experimental Mathematics for the Philosophy of Mathematics
Somewhat unusually, I can exactly place the day at registration that I became a mathematician and I recall the reason why. I was about to deposit my punch cards in the ‘honours history bin’. IExpand


The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
There is a story about two friends, who were classmates in high school, talking about their jobs. One of them became a statistician and was working on population trends. He showed a reprint to hisExpand
What Is Mathematics ? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods Reviewed by
Thirty-two years ago while browsing in my high school library, I happened upon an intriguingly titled expository book. I knew astonishingly little of the practice of mathematics at the time. I wasExpand
Brouwer's intuitionism
The Brouwer Bibliography. Publications. Unpublished Papers. Brouwer, Life and Work. Childhood and Student Years. Post-Graduate Study. Life, Art and Mysticism. The Foundations of Mathematics. TowardsExpand
The Social Relations of Physics, Mysticism, and Mathematics
I. Physics, Mysticism, and Society.- Section I. The Parallelist Perspective.- 1: Parallels Between Physics and Mysticism.- Appendix A: The Physicist and the Sufi Master: A Meeting of AlternateExpand
  • W. Quine
  • Psychology
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1957
I AM a physical object sitting in a physical world. Some of the forces of this physical world impinge on my surface. Light rays strike my retinas ; molecules bombard my eardrums and fingertips. IExpand
Methods of Logic
This widely used textbook of modern formal logic now offers a number of new features, including an introduction to all pattabhi jois lived and a deductive model on a theory because it requires dedication. Expand
A mathematician's apology
Reading online A Mathematician's Apology book will be provide using wonderful book reader and it's might gives you some access to identifying the book content before you download the book. Expand
A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems
An encryption method is presented with the novel property that publicly revealing an encryption key does not thereby reveal the corresponding decryption key. This has two importantExpand
The Passion of the Western Mind
Mathematics and computer science: A personal view
  • Seria Matematica-Informatica (Jan 2000),
  • 2000