What is Democratic Education

  title={What is Democratic Education},
  author={David R. Hiley},
Why does education matter in a democratic society and in particular, why does higher education matter? What should a democratic education be like, and who should decide how future citizens will be educated? These questions suggest that education is a political matter as much as it is about teaching and curriculum. Plato understood this when he placed education at the center of his construction of the ideal Republic. Thomas Jefferson also understood this from the earliest days of the democratic… Expand
Saving Democratic Education from Itself: Why We Need Homeschooling
We need homeschooling to save education in a liberal democracy from taking a religious form—what I call Democratic Education. Democratic Education emerges when the democratic identity and narrativeExpand
Moving beyond Mozert: Toward a democratic theory of education
Abstract Most liberal political theorists of education argue that it is better to teach students to tolerate diversity, than to protect the potentially illiberal commitments of some members of theExpand
Neutrality, Pluralism, and Education: Civic Education as Learning About the Other
The purpose of this article is to investigate appropriate methods for educating students into citizenship within a pluralistic state and to explain why civic education is itself important. In thisExpand
Philosophy of education in the era of globalization
Introduction. Part I: Education in a Globalized Society 1. How Should We Educate Students Whose Cultures Frown upon Rational Disputation?: Cultural Difference and the Role of Reason in MulticulturalExpand
The Potential for Deliberative Democratic Civic Education.
Th e values of aggregative democracy have dominated much of civic education as its values refl ect the realities of the American political system. We argue that deliberative democratic theory betterExpand
Inadequate for democracy: How (not) to distribute education
There is widespread agreement among philosophers and legal scholars that the distribution of educational resources in the US is unjust, but little agreement about why. An increasingly prominent viewExpand
Civic Education and the Rise of Populist Nationalism
ABSTRACT Belief in the fundamental importance of civic education for democracy has been long-standing. But if educators can agree that schools have an essential role to play in preparing students forExpand
What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy
Educators and policymakers increasingly pursue programs that aim to strengthen democracy through civic education, service learning, and other pedagogies. Their underlying beliefs, however, differ.Expand
Individual Freedom amidst Diversity: Moral Education, Democracy, and Virtues in the 21st Century:
Imagine a school where no moral rules of honesty or responsibility existed, and teachers or students’ only goal was mastery of intellectual content. Moral education becomes critical because we cannotExpand
Democracy, accountability, and education
Educational standards, assessments, and accountability systems are of immense political moment around the world. But there is no developed theory exploring the role that these systems should playExpand


Course Description In this course, we will explore the question of the actual and potential connections between democracy and education. Our focus of attention will be placed on a criticalExpand
Democracy in Question: Democratic Openness in a Time of Political Closure
This book explores the theoretical paradoxes and practical dilemmas that flow from the still radical idea that in a democracy it is the people who rule, and argues that accepting the open andExpand
Democracy as a Universal Value
  • A. Sen
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1999
In the summer of 1997, I was asked by a leading Japanese newspaper what I thought was the most important thing that had happened in the twentieth century. I found this to be an unusuallyExpand
Strong Democracy: Participatory Politics for a New Age
Preface to the Twentieth Anniversary Edition Acknowledgments Preface to the 1990 Edition Preface to the 1984 Edition Part I. Thin Democracy: The Argument Against Liberalism 1. Thin Democracy:Expand
Pursuing 'The Voice of Poetry in the Conversation of Mankind'
I first crossed the Channel in 1947, three years after the Liberation of France from the Nazi occupation, two years after the end of the Second World War. I was then fourteen years old. During theExpand
Democracy On Trial
* Democracys Precarious Present * The Politics of Displacement * The Politics of Difference * Democracys Contentious Past * Democracys Enduring Promise
Democracy on Trial