What is “Toxic Masculinity” and Why Does it Matter?

  title={What is “Toxic Masculinity” and Why Does it Matter?},
  author={Carol Harrington},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
  pages={345 - 352}
Coined in late 20th-century men’s movements, “toxic masculinity” spread to therapeutic and social policy settings in the early 21st century. Since 2013, feminists began attributing misogyny, homophobia, and men’s violence to toxic masculinity. Around the same time, feminism enjoyed renewed popularization. While some feminist scholars use the concept, it is often left under-defined. I argue that talk of toxic masculinity provides an intriguing window into gender politics in any given context… 
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The findings support the use of gender measures, which may be more predictive of mental health than sex, and PAQ-8 was a valid screening measure to assess gender expression.
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This study elucidates the direct and systemic discrimination that creates barriers to women’s career trajectories in clinical academia and suggests a flexible, strategic response that supports clinical academics in resuming their training and research is required.


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Toxic masculinity as a barrier to mental health treatment in prison.
  • T. Kupers
  • Psychology
    Journal of clinical psychology
  • 2005
Gender issues that become magnified in prison settings and contribute to heightened resistance in psychotherapy and other forms of mental health treatment are addressed.
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