What is ‘Cliometrica’?

  title={What is ‘Cliometrica’?},
  author={Dora L Costa and Jean-Luc Demeulemeester and Claude Diebolt},
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The effect of compulsory schooling laws and child labor restrictions on fertility: evidence from the early twentieth century
This paper uses census data to examine the impact of child labor restrictions imposed by compulsory schooling laws and child labor regulation on fertility. By exploiting variation induced by changesExpand
The Account Books of the Soranzo Fraterna (Venice 1406–1434) and Their Place in the History of Bookkeeping
  • M. Ryabova
  • History
  • Accounting Historians Journal
  • 2018
This paper contributes to the study of the accounting and legal practice existing in the Venetian Republic in the late Middle Ages. The author examines two account books created by the SoranzoExpand
Comment appréhender les temporalités de l’histoire économique ? Plaidoyer pour une cliométrie des évènements rares
L’objet de cet article est d’elaborer, par la combinaison de l’approche systemique et de l’idee de regulation, une grille de lecture theorique susceptible de contribuer a un renouveau methodologiqueExpand
A critical note on “This time is different”
This article is structured as follows: the first section is based on Reinhart and Rogoff’s seminal papers (Am Econ Rev 98(2):339–344, 2008a, b, Am Econ Rev 99(2):466–472, 2009a, This time isExpand
The Global Status of Economic History
ABSTRACT How many economic historians are there? In which countries or regions are they concentrated? What can we learn from the number of economic historians participating in world congresses, andExpand
Robert Fogel: Spiritual Son of Simon Kuznets and Master in Cliometrics
»Robert Fogel: Spiritueller Sohn von Simon Kuznets und Meister der Kliometrie«. This paper is devoted to Robert Fogel, the spiritual and/or in tellectual son of Simon Kuznets. Master in cliometrics,Expand
Counterfactual analysis using a regional dynamic general equilibrium model with historical calibration
This paper develops a regional dynamic general equilibrium model calibrated using two regional SAMs for the Italian region Valle D’Aosta for the years 1963 and 2002. A historical calibrationExpand
The Stakes of Cliometrics in Ancient History
According to Finley, markets and economic motivations played little, if any, role in ancient economies. Status and civic ideology governed the allocation of scarce resources. Hence, the applicationExpand