What grafting materials produce greater alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction? A systematic review and network meta-analysis.

  title={What grafting materials produce greater alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction? A systematic review and network meta-analysis.},
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Guided bone regeneration in the anterior maxilla after tooth extraction and implant removal with sticky bone and L-PRF membrane in two surgical approaches
This case suggests that sticky bone and L-PRF membrane can contribute to multiple GBR in the anterior maxillary region, favoring bone gain and osseointegration.
Frequency of Bone Augmentation Materials Use in a General Dental Practice
This retrospective study aimed to evaluate the frequency of bone augmentation materials used for implant or periodontal surgical treatment depending on the age and sex of the patients from a dental
Effects of Super-Activated Platelet Lysate on Early Healing of Tooth Extraction Sockets in Rats
Purpose To evaluate the effect of super-activated platelet lysate (sPL) on wound healing of tooth extraction sockets in rats. Methods Rat models of the tooth extraction socket were established.


Effect of Alveolar Ridge Preservation after Tooth Extraction
Subgroup analyses revealed that flap elevation, the usage of a membrane, and the application of a xenograft or an allograft are associated with superior outcomes, particularly on midbuccal and midlingual height preservation.
Alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction: a Bayesian Network meta‐analysis of grafting materials efficacy on prevention of bone height and width reduction
AIMS To conduct a traditional meta-analysis and a Bayesian Network meta-analysis to synthesize the information coming from randomized controlled trials on different socket grafting materials and
Which is the best choice after tooth extraction, immediate implant placement or delayed placement with alveolar ridge preservation? A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Evaluation of a bone substitute covered with a collagen membrane for ridge preservation after tooth extraction. Clinical and tomographic randomized controlled study in humans
The results showed that the use of the bone substitute covered with a collagen membrane resulted in less changes in vertical and horizontal alveolar ridge dimensions than the collagen membrane alone.
Intrasocket interventions to prevent alveolar osteitis after mandibular third molar surgery: A systematic review and network meta-analysis.
Evaluation of Healing at Molar Extraction Sites With and Without Ridge Preservation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
In molar extraction sites without RP, significantly more reduction in ridge height occurred, and the majority of ridge width loss was localized to the buccal aspect.
Comparison between two bone substitutes for alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction: Cone‐beam computed tomography results of a non‐inferiority randomized controlled trial
The present clinical trial demonstrated non-inferiority of DBBM compared to DBBM-C for maintenance of alveolar bone volume 4 months after tooth extraction in the anterior maxilla.
Ridge preservation in molar extraction sites with an open healing approach: a randomized controlled clinical trial.
ARP without primary flap closure in molar areas was effective in minimizing ridge resorption and facilitated implant treatment.