What general practitioners and paediatricians think about their patients' asthma.


The Asthma Insight and Reality in Europe (AIRE) study showed that the current management and treatment of asthma in Europe falls short of the goals set in the GINA guidelines. Patient care may be negatively influenced by the physicians' underestimation of their patients' disease state, and overestimation of their patients' knowledge of asthma management. We interviewed 118 paediatricians and 152 general practitioners (response rate 70 and 86%, respectively) in order to get an insight into the physicians view on his patients' asthma management. A questionnaire containing similar items to those used in the AIRE study was used. Dutch physicians believe that the asthma of the majority of their patients is well controlled and underestimate the prevalence of daytime symptoms. They believe that their patients are aware of the differences between reliever medication and maintenance medication and overestimate the number of patients in possession of a written action plan. Dutch paediatricians and general practitioners underestimate the severity of their patients' disease state and overestimate their patients' knowledge of disease management.

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