What does {open_quotes}{rho} exchange{close_quotes} in {pi}N scattering mean?

  title={What does \{open_quotes\}\{rho\} exchange\{close_quotes\} in \{pi\}N scattering mean?},
  author={O. Krehl and Siegfried Krewald and Josef Speth and Christoph Hanhart},
We present an alternative method for calculating amplitudes for correlated {pi}{pi} exchange in the {open_quotes}{sigma}{close_quotes} and {rho} channel in {pi}N scattering. Starting from a fixed mass meson exchange potential, we introduce the width of the exchanged particles by integrating over a mass spectral function. The spectral functions are constructed from the pseudoempirical N{bar N}{r_arrow}{pi}{pi} data. Using this approach we develop a prescription for resolving ambiguities of the… CONTINUE READING