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What do we mean by Regional Development ?

  title={What do we mean by Regional Development ?},
  author={Dr Tony McCall},
In the 21st century economic geography has joined the disciplines and the focus of regional development is more on the spatial dynamics of regions – as places to live, work and invest. The focus for the discipline is just as much on people as drivers of regional development as smoke stack industries, regional development agencies and firms. People with their knowledge and where and how they use that knowledge is a key focus for research in regional development. 

How to Support the Convergence of Socioeconomic Indicators in Provinces of Indonesia?

  • Economics
  • 2016
The thesis looks for the answer to the question how to support the convergence of Socioeconomic Indicators in Provinces of Indonesia. Together with literature review, the analytical part concerns the


Starting with the 1950s, the regional development concept has been increasingly present both in the academic and in the practical debates. In many countries, mainly in the developed ones, the

Does Size Matter? How Firm Size Affects Social Externalities and Community and Regional Development

This study shows how family firm size effects the extent to which bus and coach operators in Australia interact with and contribute to their community by quantifying the value of eight social

Reconnoitering the contributions of dry ports on the regional development in Malaysia

ABSTRACT Changes in supply chain are critical for Malaysia's inclusion in the competitiveness in this era of globalisation. One of the prevalent infrastructure developments is the addition of dry

Territorial marketing and its effects on Development, approach from the literature

Nous proposons a travers cet article une presentation critique de la litterature liee au marketing territorial et a ses effets sur le developpement. Nous exposerons en premier lieu l’evolution de la

The effect of “terroir” products on territorial attractiveness and development. Case of the Souss Massa region

Terroir products are becoming a real economic booster because consumers attach more importance to their characteristics, their cultural identity and appearance. These products can contribute to the

Impacts of inter-urban transportation railway to regional development (Case study: Sukaraja District - Bogor Regency - West Java Province)

Inter-urban transportation railway becomes the chosen mass transportation mode by the people for daily commuting. The tariff is relatively cheaper and affordable. The travel times are shorter as

Quality of Life in the Built & Natural Environment ” Economics of Local People : Iskandar , Malaysia

This paper discusses the implication of underlying regional economic theories and policies on social and economic development in Iskandar Malaysia. Furthermore, the study investigates local people’s

Analisis Pusat Pertumbuhan di Kabupaten Karangasem

Karangasem regency needs special attention of the government to solve the economic problems that it faced . Karangasem regency in this research ranked second lowest in terms of economic growth and to



‘Globalizing’ regional development: a global production networks perspective

Recent literature concerning regional development has placed significant emphasis on local institutional structures and their capacity to ‘hold down’ the global. Conversely, work on inter-firm

Renewing the Geography of Regions

Recent academic discourses pertaining to a ‘new regionalism’ in economic development and territorial representation, in parallel with the constitutional restructuring of certain nation-states, have