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What do Gestalt therapists do in the clinic? The expert consensus

  title={What do Gestalt therapists do in the clinic? The expert consensus},
  author={Madeleine Fogarty and Sunil Bhar and Stephen Theiler and Leanne O'Shea},
What it is that Gestalt therapists do in the clinic that is different from other therapists. [] Key Method Using aDelphi study, eight key concepts that characteriseGestalt therapy were identified, together with the therapist behaviours that reflect those concepts.
Two risks and a third way: what research for Gestalt therapy?
In this article the author explains the possible future for Gestalt therapy in view of the evolution of the regulatory context and the appearance of the contextual model resulting from the evolution
The Gestalt Therapy Fidelity Scale : A reply to Philippson
Thank you for the invitation to reply to Peter Philippson’s letter, and thank you to Peter for his considered engagement on this important question of what distinguishes Gestalt therapy (GT) as a
Researching Gestalt Therapy for Anxiety in Practice-Based Settings
Das Paper behandelt die Anwendung dieser Methodologie zur Schaffung eines praxisorientierten Forschungsnetzwerks für Gestalttherapie eine nutzliche Behandlung fur diese Indikation sein kann.
Gestalt Therapy Effectiveness: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence
Gestalt therapy (GT) is a humanistic clinical approach. The research concerning the efficacy of this model represents a controversial and quite poorly investigated topic within the general field of
Implementation of Gestalt Therapy in Counseling to Overcome Parental Divorce Trauma in Adolescents
Families have problems that must be faced sometimes can be resolved but some cannot be resolved that can result in divorce. Divorce hurts adolescents in the form of trauma. The feeling of trauma is
Statistician meets practitioner / researcher : a response to
Friend, don’t be a perfectionist, and be proud of your mistakes; they are ways of doing something different, perhaps creatively new.
Teknik kursi kosong: Terapi Gestalt untuk mengurangi perasaan marah remaja kepada ayah
Individu has problems in life. Inability of the individual to express their feelings can be unfinished business problems. In this case subject have an anger on the father that cause a bad interaction
Beforschung von Gestalttherapie bei Angststörungen in Praxisumgebungen
Das Paper behandelt die Anwendung dieser Methodologie zur Schaffung eines praxisorientierten Forschungsnetzwerks für Gestalttherapie eine nutzliche Behandlung fur diese Indikation sein kann.
Development and validation of the Gestalt Therapy Fidelity Scale
The Gestalt Therapy Fidelity Scale (GTFS) is supported as a psychometrically sound measure of treatment adherence for GT, and hence can be used to assess the degree to which therapists are administering GT.
L’échelle de fidélité de la Gestalt-thérapie
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Gestalt Therapy: A Guide to Contemporary Practice
This book is a practical, professional reference on the practice of Gestalt Therapy (GT) by Philip Brownell, a leading practitioner and scholar in the field. The book covers the philosophical basics
A Pragmatic Perspective on the Gestalt Therapy Experience
The author develops a pragmatic perspective on the therapeutic experience, in particular from the therapist's perspective, and this is done in two essential realms. He suggests, on the one hand,
In Search of Good Form: Gestalt Therapy with Couples and Families
Drawing on a wealth of detailed, fully annotated clinical examples from his more than 30 years of experience, Joseph Zinker, founder and leader of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, offers a
The accuracy of therapists' interpretations and the outcome of dynamic psychotherapy.
This study developed a measure of the accuracy of therapists' interpretations based on the core contliclual relationship theme method and examined the relation of accuracy to the outcome of dynamic
Change in Psychotherapy: A Plea for No More “Nonspecific” and False Dichotomies
What factors are responsible for change in psychotherapy? We welcome those who question the primacy frequently given to relationship variables in explaining client improvement, as well as the
Depression - A Gestalt Theoretical Perspective
Gestalt therapy with its focus on the process of ongoing therapeutic relationship can contribute to both the theoretical understanding and the treatment of depression. The diagnosis of depression is
The therapy relationship
  • S. Ernst
  • Psychology, Political Science
  • 1997
When feminists started the process of pinpointing aspects of traditional psychoanalysis and psychotherapy that had been detrimental to women, the question of what might constitute a therapy
Dialogical Encounters: Contemporary Perspectives on "Chairwork" in Psychotherapy.
This article looks at the use of“chairwork” (2-chair and “empty”chair) dialogues through the lens of 5psychotherapies: Gestalt,process-experiential therapy, redecisiontherapy, cognitive–behavioral
Testing the integrity of a psychotherapy protocol: assessment of adherence and competence.
Manipulation checks should be used in psychotherapy trials to confirm that therapists followed the treatment manuals and performed the therapy competently. This article is a review of some strategies