What do Birthmothers Want?

  title={What do Birthmothers Want?},
  author={Sueann Wells},
  journal={Adoption \& Fostering},
  pages={22 - 26}
  • Sueann Wells
  • Published 1 December 1993
  • Medicine
  • Adoption & Fostering
The Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Birth Parents in Child Protection Services: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
There are high rates of PTSD in parents involved in the protective system, thus more targeted efforts are needed to identify and adequately address trauma symptoms of parents as part of child protection interventions.
Human information behavior, coping, and decision-making in the context of a personal crisis: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the voices of birthmothers on relinquishing a child for adoption
and more conceptual interpretations” (Eatough & Smith, 2008, p. 187). I pursued a dual level of analysis by intentionally seeking patterns across cases as well as bringing attention to the
Stolen Babies - Broken Hearts: Forced Adoption in Australia 1881-1987
This book challenges the orthodoxy that white, unmarried mothers ‘chose’ to give up their babies for adoption. Rather it articulates an alternate narrative detailing their systemic abuse that
Post-Placement Adjustment and the Needs of Birthmothers Who Place an Infant for Adoption
Women who placed an infant for adoption during the first year post-placement and in their current life reported improvement in emotional health over time, but over a third continued to report significant problems in theirCurrent life.
‘Normal people can have a child but disability can't’: the experiences of mothers with mild learning disabilities who have had their children removed
Accessible summary People with learning disabilities might have their children taken from their care. If they do, what then happens to the parents? I talked to nine mums who had their children
Broadening notions of ‘missing persons’ to increase social inclusion, public empathy and healing: Considering the case of children missing through adoption
A missing person is defined as someone whose whereabouts are unknown and fears exist for the safety and welfare of that person. Families of a reported missing person experience many emotions
Factors influencing performance of children homes in Kitui Central district, Kitui County-Kenya
Aim of studying performance of children homes in Kitui Central District was to assess the relationship between the factors that influence the performance o f children homes operations relative to the
Group Care Practitioners as Family Workers
Abstract This article sets out a rationale and provides a model for family work by group care practitioners. In doing so it points out that practitioners will need to avoid parent blaming attitudes
This thesis makes a significant contribution to the existing knowledge on ‘unmarried mothers’. Much of the literature on ‘unmarried mothers’ has been written by white, male, middle-class