What causes mitochondrial DNA deletions in human cells?

  title={What causes mitochondrial DNA deletions in human cells?},
  author={Kim J. Krishnan and Amy Katherine Reeve and David C. Samuels and Patrick F. Chinnery and John K Blackwood and Robert W Taylor and Sjoerd Wanrooij and Johannes N. Spelbrink and Robert N Lightowlers and Douglass Matthew Turnbull},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions are a primary cause of mitochondrial disease and are likely to have a central role in the aging of postmitotic tissues. Understanding the mechanism of the formation and subsequent clonal expansion of these mtDNA deletions is an essential first step in trying to prevent their occurrence. We review the previous literature and recent results from our own laboratories, and conclude that mtDNA deletions are most likely to occur during repair of damaged mtDNA… CONTINUE READING