What can the world learn from China’s response to covid-19?

  title={What can the world learn from China’s response to covid-19?},
  author={Jin Ling Tang and Kamran Abbasi},
Old school public health and technology can allow aggressive containment to succeed 


Better modelling of infectious diseases: lessons from covid-19 in China
More timely, accurate, and relevant data and methodological innovation could exploit the full power of modelling, argue Feng Chen and colleagues
Role of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infections in covid-19 pandemic
The importance of identifying people without symptoms to control outbreaks of covid-19 is highlighted and this work highlights the need to understand more fully the role of immune checkpoints in the development of covd-19.
Effectiveness of 14 day quarantine strategy: Chinese experience of prevention and control
It is argued that a 14 day quarantine of inbound passengers is an effective and proportionate measure to control imported covid-19.
Learning for the next pandemic: the Wuhan experience of managing critically ill people
The Wuhan response to managing critically ill patients in a novel disease pandemic and lessons learnt for dealing with future pandemics are explored.
Vaccination strategy and challenges for consolidating successful containment of covid-19 with population immunity in China
It is argued that sustained elimination of SARS-CoV-2 in China offers flexibility in covid-19 vaccination policy and the anticipated challenges and systematic monitoring necessary to keep the immunisation component of the response on track are discussed.
Non-pharmaceutical interventions during the roll out of covid-19 vaccines
Yi Zhang and colleagues call for continued use of non-pharmaceutical interventions to control covid-19 during and after vaccine roll outs
Importance of public health tools in emerging infectious diseases
Despite the lure of vaccines and new drugs, established public health measures will remain the best tool to control covid-19 and future epidemics, Jin-Ling Tang and Li-Ming Li argue.
Cold chain logistics: a possible mode of SARS-CoV-2 transmission?
It is argued that the limited evidence supports cold chain logistics as a transmission route for SARS-CoV-2 and the proposed route is feasible and cost-effective.
Use of contact tracing, isolation, and mass testing to control transmission of covid-19 in China
China’s experience of contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine of infected people and their contacts, and mass nucleic acid testing in the second phase of the covid-19 epidemic are discussed.