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What We Mean When We Say "What's the Dollar of Mexico?": Prototypes and Mapping in Concept Space

  title={What We Mean When We Say "What's the Dollar of Mexico?": Prototypes and Mapping in Concept Space},
  author={P. Kanerva},
  booktitle={AAAI Fall Symposium: Quantum Informatics for Cognitive, Social, and Semantic Processes},
  • P. Kanerva
  • Published in
    AAAI Fall Symposium: Quantum…
  • Computer Science
  • We assume that the brain is some kind of a computer and look at operations implied by the figurative use of language. Figurative language is pervasive, bypasses the literal meaning of what is said and is interpreted metaphorically or by analogy. Such an interpretation calls for a mapping in concept space, leading us to speculate about the nature of concept space in terms of readily computable mappings. We find that mappings of the appropriate kind are possible in high-dimensional spaces and… CONTINUE READING
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