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What We Know about Successful School Leadership

  title={What We Know about Successful School Leadership},
  author={Kenneth Leithwood and Carolyn Riehl},
Amidst the seeming certainty that leadership matters, there is much that we do not yet understand about effective educational leadership. However, the knowledge base about leadership is constantly growing. In this brief, we present a summary of key, well-documented understandings about leadership at the school level. This knowledge can be used with confidence to guide leadership practice, policy, and research. It can help address concerns about school leaders’ preparation and performance. It… 

Developing Leadership Development

There seems little point in looking into leadership unless we can also increase our understanding of how to grow leaders today and for tomorrow. The authors in this volume rightly look at leadership

Developing Leadership to Improve Student Outcomes

Leadership development is much on the minds of reformers and policy makers who believe, with some justification, that effective leadership is a necessary component of almost any successful

Successful School Leadership: What It Is and How It Influences Pupil Learning

The views expressed in this report are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department for Education and Skills. important perspective to this international review. 5 Rationale

The Role of Leadership in the Education System

Educational leadership is a long-term campaign it grows out of knowledge, of experience and requires patience and much time, and its leadership can be enjoyed only in the long run. Who is leader?

The role of leadership in the education system

Educational leadership is a long-term campaign it grows out of knowledge, of experience and requires patience and much time, and its leadership can be enjoyed only in the long run. Who is leader?

Framing Successful School Leadership as a Moral and Democratic Enterprise.

The article aims at exploring what counts as successful leadership and what the key questions in exploring successful school leadershipacross countries should be. A main argument is that successful

Comparing Educational Leadership Research

Educational leadership practice is embedded and shaped in its own context. However, contemporary policy makers are keen to use research findings from multiple educational systems to produce overall,

Leadership in Education

This article explores some aspects of current thinking about leadership in education. It argues that ideas about leadership which are predicated upon the assumption that ‘what works’ can be

School Leadership and System Leadership

Abstract School effectiveness and improvement research shows that leadership plays a key role in ensuring the vitality and growth of schools. Yet, there is growing appreciation (Elmore 2000, 2) that



The Relative Effects of Principal and Teacher Sources of Leadership on Student Engagement with School

Survey data from an achieved sample of 1,762 teachers and 9,941 students in one large Canadian school district were used to explore the relative effects of principal and teacher leadership on student

The Principal's Role in Creating Inclusive Schools for Diverse Students: A Review of Normative, Empirical, and Critical Literature on the Practice of Educational Administration

Public schools in the United States are serving a more heterogeneous student population now than ever before. Drawing on normative, empirical, and critical literatures, this review explores the role

Leadership for Social Justice

The goal of a true democracy such as ours, explained simply, is that any baby born in these United States, even if he is born to the blackest, most illiterate, most unprivileged Negro in Mississippi,

Reassessing the Principal's Role in School Effectiveness: A Review of Empirical Research, 1980-1995

Although the is little disagreement conquering the belief that principals have an impact on the lives of teachers and students, both the nature and degree of this effect continues to be open to