What We Can’t See? Understanding the Representations and Meanings of UAI, Barebacking, and Semen Exchange in Gay Male Pornography

  title={What We Can’t See? Understanding the Representations and Meanings of UAI, Barebacking, and Semen Exchange in Gay Male Pornography},
  author={Sharif Mowlabocus and Justin Harbottle and Charlie Witzel},
  journal={Journal of Homosexuality},
  pages={1462 - 1480}
Since the late 1990s, the use of condoms within gay male pornography has been on the wane. Moving from a niche category into more mainstream forms of commercial pornography, unprotected anal sex has become a dominant theme within this sphere of gay male sexual representation. However, while the definition of what constitutes bareback pornography may at first sight appear unproblematic, this article argues that meanings and understandings of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) are not constant… 
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Higher levels of racialised desire attributed to gay male pornography use were associated with the following: being at least 55 years old; having a yearly income of less than $45,000 CAD; using interracial gaymale pornography; not primarily using gender-diverse gay male pornographic content (heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual); having higher levels of perceived pressure to conform.
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Consumption of sexually explicit media and unprotected anal sex in men who have sex with men.
An association between the consumption of bareback SEM and sex without a condom among MSM is found and it is found that having multiple sexual partners and being aware of the partner's negative serological status for HIV were factors that increased the likelihood of engaging in anal sexwithout a condom.
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Constructing the neoliberal sexual actor: Responsibility and care of the self in the discourse of barebackers
  • B. Adam
  • Sociology
    Culture, health & sexuality
  • 2005
Analysis on the discourses employed by a subset of gay and bisexual men who no longer practise protected sex more than twenty years into the HIV epidemic reveals competing and contradictory discourses that suggest new avenues of engagement for HIV prevention initiatives.
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There is nary a scholar in this collection of essays who works in the United States; nor is there a single sociologist represented among the nine authors who each wrote a chapter, all original except
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It is found that while the exchange of semen constitutes a dangerous and irrational practice to healthcare professionals, it is nevertheless a significant variable in the sexual lives of barebackers that needs to be taken into consideration in the provision of healthcare services.
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