What Makes a Symbol Far Right? Co-opted and Missed Meanings in Far-Right Iconography

  title={What Makes a Symbol Far Right? Co-opted and Missed Meanings in Far-Right Iconography},
  author={Cynthia Miller-Idriss},
  journal={Post-Digital Cultures of the Far Right},
  • C. Miller-Idriss
  • Published 31 December 2018
  • Art
  • Post-Digital Cultures of the Far Right
“Many right-wing extremists don’t understand their own T-shirts”, a VICE-Germany headline proclaimed in March 2018 (Vorreyer 2018), summarizing research I had conducted with youth in and around far-right scenes about the meaning of far-right symbols, codes, and iconography (Miller-Idriss 2018). I had found that German young people do not always correctly interpret the messages in symbols on T-shirts marketed to and by the far-right – even when those codes are on brands that those same youths… 

On Frogs, Monkeys, and Execution Memes: Exploring the Humor-Hate Nexus at the Intersection of Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right Movements in Sweden

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Kekistanis and the Meme War on Social Media

  • Ahmed Al-Rawi
  • Sociology
    The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare
  • 2020
This study examines public discourse, on Instagram and Twitter, related to the alt-right group which call themselves: Kekistanis. It offers an empirical understanding of this community, which uses



The Algorithmic Rise of the “Alt-Right”

As with so many technologies, the Internet’s racism was programmed right in—and it’s quickly fueled the spread of White supremacist, xenophobic rhetoric throughout the western world.

“ What Pepe the Frog ’ s Death Can Teach us About the Internet ”

  • 2015

Where the Hell is Kekistan? How Pepe-posting Meme Warriors Responded to Real Violence of the Alt-Right

    Is Urban Outfitters Offending

    • People on Purpose?”,
    • 2014

    What Pepe the Frog’s

    • Death Can Teach us About the Internet”,
    • 2017

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    Urban Outfitters Under Fire for Selling Tapestry Reminiscent of Uniforms Worn by Gay Nazi Prisoners

    • 2 October 2015
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