What Is an Emerging Technology?

  title={What Is an Emerging Technology?},
  author={Daniele Rotolo and Diana Hicks and Ben R. Martin},
  journal={Economics of Innovation eJournal},
Despite the growing interest around the emergence of novel technologies, especially from the policy-making perspective, there is still no consensus on what classifies a technology as ’emergent’. The present paper aims to fill this gap by developing a definition of ’emerging technologies’ and a framework for their detection and analysis. The definition is developed by combining a basic understanding of the term and in particular the concept of ’emergence’ with a review of key innovation studies… 

Exploring the Fundamental Conceptual Units of Technical Emergence

  • A. SuominenNils C. Newman
  • Economics
    2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)
  • 2017
The conceptual origins and relations of indicators to the concept of technological emergence are evaluated and the possibility to actually measure and test the behavior of this unit using repeatable bibliometric techniques is induced.

Analysing the theoretical roots of technology emergence: an evolutionary perspective

The definition of technology emergence needs to be revised with consideration of its theoretical foundations, in order to explore usage in the technological context.

Emerging 21st Century technologies: Is Europe still falling behind?

It is found that European firms do not hold a leading share in any of these IPC classes, which are likely to be critical to succeed in the new techno-paradigms related to digitalization and clean energy.

Six different approaches to defining and identifying promising technology through patent analysis

A significant effort has been undertaken to investigate promising technologies for the future and, accordingly, numerous studies have been conducted into how nanofiltration and X-ray diffraction techniques can be used foralysis.

Emerging Technologies, Globalization and Strategic Business Management: Exploring the Trilogy for Developing Countries

In this paper, we explored the trilogy of emerging technology, globalization, and strategic management with a focus on developing countries. The quantitative study deployed the quasi-experimental


How to profit from innovation has been an important question for both innovation scholars and practitioners over the years. It is certainly a relevant question for all types of technological

Emerging Technologies and Innovation—Hopes for and Obstacles to Inclusive Societal Co-Construction

Since the late twentieth century, the concept of emerging technologies, fields designated as such and their governance have received increasing attention in academia, the media and policymaking. This



Conceptualization and operationalization of emerging technologies: A complementing approach

In view of the ever increasing recurrence and severity of renewal waves coupled with the need to understand the processes of (socio) technological ‘gestation’, over the years, the construct ‘emerging

Emergence as a conceptual framework for understanding scientific and technological progress

The global science, technology and innovation (STI) system is characterized by some researchers as a complex adaptive system (e.g. Heimricks, 2009). Scientific and technological progress entails both

Patterns of expectations for emerging sustainable technologies

Technological guideposts and innovation avenues

The emergence of new technologies in the ICT field: main actors, geographical distribution and knowledge sources

This paper examines the emergence of technologies, applications and platforms in the area of information and communication technologies (ITC), using patent data. It detects new

Technology futures analysis: Toward integration of the field and new methods

What Does the Future Hold? A Critical View of Emerging Information and Communication Technologies and Their Social Consequences

  • B. Stahl
  • Sociology
    Researching the Future in Information Systems
  • 2011
An overview of emerging information and communication technologies that can be expected to become socially relevant in the next 10 to 15 years is provided by a dual discourse analysis of publiccations on emerging ICTs.

Diffusion of Innovations

Diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system by concerned with the spread of messages that are perceived as new ideal.