What Is an Elite Boarding School?

  title={What Is an Elite Boarding School?},
  author={Rub{\'e}n A. Gaztambide-Fernandez},
This article brings attention to the rarefied world of elite boarding schools. Despite their reputation for excellence, these unique educational institutions remain largely outside the gaze of educational researchers and the scope of public debates about education. One reason for this absence is a lack of knowledge about what exactly defines an elite boarding school and the characteristics that stand them apart from other schools in significant ways. Drawing on a review of the relevant… Expand
The (Re-)Production of Elites in Private and Public Boarding Schools: Comparative Perspectives on Elite Education in Germany
  • A. gibson
  • Sociology
  • Elites and People: Challenges to Democracy
  • 2019
Recently, the public and academic discussion on elite education and the selection of top performers in Germany has led to a renewed controversy about social exclusion and inequality. Consequently,Expand
Preparing for Power in Elite Boarding Schools and in Working-Class Schools
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Neoliberal imaginary, school choice, and “new elites” in public secondary schools
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The Practical or the Purposeful: A Study of Academic Decision-Making among College Students in an Elite Institutional Context
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Securing eliteness: class strategies of an elite school in Chile
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How Can We Identify Elite Schools (Where They Do Not Exist)? The Case of Ireland
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Missionaries or mercenaries? How teachers in elite private schools embrace privilege
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Race and Class in America's Elite Preparatory Boarding Schools: African Americans as the "Outsiders Within.".
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