What Is Islam? The Importance of Being Islamic

  title={What Is Islam? The Importance of Being Islamic},
  author={Khalil Andani},
  journal={Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations},
  pages={114 - 117}
  • Khalil Andani
  • Published 2 January 2017
  • Philosophy
  • Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations

How Islamic are young Muslim people’s poems?

In this article, I investigate poetry written by two young Muslim people during their spare time. Adopting Shahab Ahmed’s (2016) understanding of Islamic in its plenitude and complexity, I ask how

everyday religion

Anglophone Islam: A New Conceptual Category

The field of ‘Islamic Studies’, like ‘Religious Studies’, is a broad-church. It includes a number of epistemological and ontological positions associated with a range of disciplines. The diversity

European Journal of Turkish Studies, 31 | 2020

Based on the first years of Takvîm-i vekayi and Le Moniteur Ottoman, this study aims to shed light on the Ottoman political language and the rhetoric of the political authority in the early 1830s,

Racism and Religious Intolerance: A Critical Analysis of the Coloniality of Brazilian Christianity

This article examines the persistence of religious intolerance experienced by practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions. Drawing from recent reports and historical resources on religious

In support of hybridity. A response to Stephennie Mulder, Ian Straughn and Ruth Young

  • T. Rico
  • Sociology
    Archaeological Dialogues
  • 2021
loom large in the history of the field of heritage in Europe and the United States, Atatürk, one might argue, couldn’t have cared less what European preservationists thought. He had his own agenda.

Unruly Subjects

  • T. Zadeh
  • Philosophy
    Verge: Studies in Global Asias
  • 2021

The Alternative Histories of Muslim Asia’s Urban Centres: De-Cosmopolitanisation and Beyond

Historians increasingly analyse the cultural diversity of life in the Afro-Eurasian arena of ‘Muslim dominion’ in terms of its cosmopolitanism. By contrast, critical scholarship has recently brought

Teaching Islam in Song: Storytelling and Islamic Meaning in Sindhi Sufi Poetry Performance

Abstract:This article examines techniques with which performers of Sindhi kāfī in Kachchh, Gujarat, interweave Islamic teachings with dramatic events from regional narratives in order to locate