What Is Hindustani for Scurvy?


3. Bruised appearances, extravasations, and fibrinous effusions into the muscles, rendering them hard and brawny, such as are met with in scurvy and purpura, are called Badi or 4 Ba'i.' 4. The patient will say " Bddi-ki bimari hamko horjeyihai," i.e., I have got the disease of Badi : or " hamko Badi hogeyahai, i.e., I have got Badi, or " hamko Bddi-ne palearliyahai," i.e., Badi has seized me. 5. These signs and symptoms come on after fatigue, privation, and exposure, or in one word exposure. Ij. When Badi or Ba'i has been, or is being complained of, by men on service, or in cantonments, I have frequently met with signs and symptoms of more or less inflammation of the lining membrane of the alimentary canal, with or without fever, with perhaps enlargement of the spleen, &c. 7. At Buxa Bhutan, where ' monh-se pani ata rat-ko' was

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