What Is “Education”?

  title={What Is “Education”?},
  author={Barry I. Chazan},
  journal={Principles and Pedagogies in Jewish Education},
  • B. Chazan
  • Published 26 October 2021
  • Education
  • Principles and Pedagogies in Jewish Education
Analytic philosophy of education focuses on clarifying such key terms as: “education”, “aims”, “goals”, “objectives”, “overt curriculum”, “covert curriculum”, “null curriculum”, “pedagogical content knowledge”. The understanding of these and other concepts is critical to enable contemporary education to be regarded as a truly professional domain. 


Understanding the curriculum
The curriculum is crucial to every educational setting. At first glance, the official curriculum, which usually comes packaged in a formidable array of official documents, might seem dry or boring
Aims, Goals, and Objectives
Aims, goals, and objectives can be thought of as hierarchically ordered educational purposes. In today's policy discussions, aims (the most generally stated purposes) are too often sacrificed for
The adult learner.
  • P. Shefler
  • Education
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3. Do I use effective communication strategies? Is there always “time just to talk”? Do I seek family observations/information in assessment? In monitoring? Do family members have opportunities to
Those Who Understand: Knowledge Growth in Teaching
I don't know in what fit of pique George Bernard Shaw wrote that infamous aphorism, words that have plagued members of the teaching profession for nearly a century. They are found in "Maxims for
Public Education
The efforts associated with the communication competence movement have done much to promote the inclusion of listening and speaking skills in the public schools to date, but areas remain where progress is still needed.
Public Education. (Basic Books)
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Adult education specialist Malcolm Knowles suggested that the term "pedagogy" be used to refer to the teaching of children and that the term "andragogy" be used to denote adult learning
  • 2020
Death at an Early Age. The Classic Indictment of Inner City Education
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