What Friends are Made of: Bilateral Linkages and Domestic Drivers of Foreign Policy Alignment with China

  title={What Friends are Made of: Bilateral Linkages and Domestic Drivers of Foreign Policy Alignment with China},
  author={Georg Str{\"u}ver},
  journal={Conflict Studies: Domestic Politics eJournal},
  • Georg Strüver
  • Published 3 January 2013
  • Political Science
  • Conflict Studies: Domestic Politics eJournal
With China’s emergence as a global economic and political power, it is commonly assumed that its leadership’s influence in international politics has increased considerably. However, systematic studies of China’s impact on the foreign policy behavior of other states are rare and generally limited to questions regarding economic capabilities and the use of coercive power. This paper seeks to contribute to the literature on China’s global political rise by taking a broader perspective. Drawing on… 

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  • Political Science
    The Journal of Modern African Studies
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