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What Exactly Is 8-vsb Anyway?

  title={What Exactly Is 8-vsb Anyway?},
  author={David A. Sparano},
The USA invented it, the ATTC tested it, the FCC accepted it, everyone is talking about it, soon we will all get it in our homes but what is 8-VSB anyway? Simply put, 8-VSB is the RF modulation format utilized by the DTV (ATSC) digital television standard to transmit digital bits over the airwaves to the home consumer. Since any terrestrial TV system must overcome numerous channel impairments such as ghosts, noise bursts, signal fades, and interference in order to reach the home viewer, the… 
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Ambient RF Energy-Harvesting Technologies for Self-Sustainable Standalone Wireless Sensor Platforms
A benchmarking prototype of an embedded microcontroller-enabled sensor platform has been successfully powered by an ambient ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) digital TV signal where a broadcasting antenna is 6.3 km away from the proposed wireless energy-harvesting device.
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High Speed Passive Radar Receiver with Application to Digital Television Signals and Applications to Digital television Signals.


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