What Attitudes are Moral Attitudes? The Case of Attitude Heritability

  title={What Attitudes are Moral Attitudes? The Case of Attitude Heritability},
  author={M. Brandt and Geoffrey Wetherell},
  journal={Social Psychological and Personality Science},
  pages={172 - 179}
  • M. Brandt, Geoffrey Wetherell
  • Published 2012
  • Psychology
  • Social Psychological and Personality Science
  • Variation in the extent an attitude is imbued with moral conviction is a strong predictor of a variety of consequential social judgments; however, the extant literature has not explained variation in moral conviction. The authors predict that some attitudes may be experienced as moral because they are heritable, promoting group survival and firmly rooting people in these attitudes. To test this hypothesis, the authors surveyed two community samples and a student sample (total N = 456) regarding… CONTINUE READING
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