What's the healthiest day?: Circaseptan (weekly) rhythms in healthy considerations.

  title={What's the healthiest day?: Circaseptan (weekly) rhythms in healthy considerations.},
  author={John W. Ayers and Benjamin M. Althouse and Morgan L Johnson and Mark Dredze and Joanna E Cohen},
  journal={American journal of preventive medicine},
  volume={47 1},
BACKGROUND Biological clocks govern numerous aspects of human health, including weekly clocks-called circaseptan rhythms-that typically include early-week spikes for many illnesses. PURPOSE To determine whether contemplations for healthy behaviors also follow circaseptan rhythms. METHODS We assessed healthy contemplations by monitoring Google search queries (2005-2012) in the U.S. that included the word healthy and were Google classified as health-related (e.g., healthy diet). A wavelet… CONTINUE READING

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