What's in a name? Evidence that Papanicolaou, not Babes, deserves credit for the PAP test

  title={What's in a name? Evidence that Papanicolaou, not Babes, deserves credit for the PAP test},
  author={Aristidis Diamantis and Emmanuil Magiorkinis and Georgios I Androutsos},
  journal={Diagnostic Cytopathology},
The purpose of our study is to elaborate on the ongoing controversy regarding the origination of the Pap test between the supporters of George Papanicolaou and Aurel Babes. We studied the original articles published by Aurel Babes and George Papanicolaou and conducted a comparative evaluation of both methods. Babes' method is radically different from Papanicolaou's method. Differences included the sampling method, the fixation and staining technique, and the interpretation of the results… Expand
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Aurel A. BABES (1886-1961).