What's in a Name? Bisexuality, Transnational Sexuality Studies and Western Colonial Legacies

  title={What's in a Name? Bisexuality, Transnational Sexuality Studies and Western Colonial Legacies},
  author={Clare Hemmings},
  journal={The International Journal of Human Rights},
  pages={13 - 32}
  • Clare Hemmings
  • Published 2007
  • Sociology
  • The International Journal of Human Rights
Abstract This paper explores the role of bisexuality in transnational sexuality studies. The author argues that bisexuality is either absent, or inscribed as potential or behaviour, rather than identity. In the process, transnational sexuality studies reproduces bisexuality's historical role as facilitator of Western sexual oppositions, a role that also facilitates colonial distinctions between cultures as sexually civilised or sexually primitive. In addition, rendering bisexuality as potential… Expand
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