What's Special about Female Suicide Terrorism?

  title={What's Special about Female Suicide Terrorism?},
  author={Lindsey A. O’Rourke},
  journal={Security Studies},
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This study analyzes the interaction between the motivations of individual attackers and terrorist group strategies. To do so, I combine a quantitative analysis of all known suicide terrorist attacks between 1981 and July 2008 with a strategic account of why terrorist organizations employ female suicide terrorism (fst) and case studies of individual female attackers. I advance five central claims. First, I reveal the superior effectiveness of fst from the perspective of the groups that employ… Expand
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Assessing the Effect of Gender Norms on the Lethality of Female Suicide Terrorism
Although a substantial body of research argues that women provide terrorist organizations with important tactical benefits, few studies draw out the implications of this argument or examine whetherExpand
What motivates female suicide terrorists
Female suicide terrorism is increasing worldwide. The phenomenon is shocking to many because it runs counter to the widespread perception of women as nonviolent. Questions have arisen concerning theExpand
Why not use women?: An examination of the conditions under which an Islamic terrorist organization will employ female suicide terrorism
Groups that use suicide terrorism have noticed a problem: counterterrorism effor ts and security checkpoints have become so effective they have forced groups to innova te technologically, using womenExpand
Public Reactions to Male Versus Female Terrorism: Experimental Evidence for the Male Warrior Hypothesis
  • M. Lindner
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Evolutionary psychology : an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior
  • 2018
It is argued that the often-violent evolutionary history of their species has shaped the way in which the authors perceive and react to female (vs. male) terrorist violence, and tested that terror-suspect sex affects support for interrogational torture. Expand
Evolving Role of Women in Terror Groups: Progression or Regression?
Historically, women have been victims to a much greater degree than perpetrators of violence. However, the 1970s witnessed the emergence of women as important protagonists in the conflicts across theExpand
The Specificity of Female Terrorism
This chapter concerns the radicalization of women toward brutal extremism and their participation in terrorism. In the first part of the chapter the author presents the problem of femaleExpand
Economic Causes of Female Suicide Terrorism: Perceived Versus Actual
Common belief holds that economic misery motivates more people to commit acts of suicide terrorism. The existing literature, however, fails to find an empirical linkage between these two phenomena.Expand
Sisters in Terrorism? Exploding Stereotypes
New Terrorism is increasingly deploying women in the field as combatants. Female suicide bombers have proven to be highly effective, precisely because of the persistence of gender stereotypes inExpand
{Re}locating Agency in Women Terrorism
Why is it, that when we think about or see terrorism, we do not see women? Women, like men, are capable of violence. Women, like men, commit violence for a variety of reasons, some rational someExpand
Are Women Not Terrorists
This bachelor thesis critically explores and deconstructs the commonplace position that a terrorist is typically a radical man rather than a woman. This stereotypical construction is explored in theExpand


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This article is a discussion of crimes of honor in the Arab world. A paradigmatic example of a crime of honor is the killing of a woman by her father or brother for engaging in, or being suspected ofExpand
Murder or suicide?
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  • New York state journal of medicine
  • 1978
And how this book will influence you to do better future? It will relate to how the readers will get the lessons that are coming. As known, commonly many people will believe that reading can be anExpand
The relevance of honor in the contemporary world: honor and power
Tournaments of Power: honor and revenge in the contemporary world TOR AASE (Ed.), 2002 Burlington: Ashgate 202 pp., hardback, ISBN 0 7546 3181 8, US$79.95
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The Causes of Sexual Violence by Insurgents During Civil War: Cross-National Evidence (1980-1999)
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See Turkey's Shame: Sexual Violence Without Redress-the Plight of Kurdish Women-Trial Observation
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Speckhard finds no evidence of this in her study of Chechen female bombers. Speckhard and Ahkmedova
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  • 2003