What’s past is prologue: history, current status and future prospects of library development in Bhutan

  title={What’s past is prologue: history, current status and future prospects of library development in Bhutan},
  author={Sonam Wangdi and Catherine C. Legrand and Phuntsho Norbu and Sonam Rinzin},
Purpose This paper aims to outline the history of libraries in Bhutan, to describe the current state of library development and to recommend priority areas for library enhancement. Design/methodology/approach The authors have worked extensively as library professionals in Bhutan and share factual details derived from their personal experience. They review the published literature, particularly the fieldwork of two scholars who studied Bhutan’s libraries and library workers. The authors use… 


Bhutan's first library qualification, background and development
The author utilized situational analysis to gather data for the program, building on a number of existing but unpublished documents relating to training library staff in Bhutan, and using the guidelines in existence, data was gathered to answer the research questions.
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