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Weyl spinors and the helicity formalism

  title={Weyl spinors and the helicity formalism},
  author={J. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz and Bryan Larios Lopez and O Meza-Aldama and Jonathan Perez},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
In this work we give a review of the original formulation of the relativistic wave equation for particles with spin one-half. Traditionally \`a la Dirac, it's proposed that the ``square root'' of the Klein-Gordon (K-G) equation involves a 4 component (Dirac) spinor and in the non-relativistic limit it can be written as 2 equations for two 2 component spinors. On the other hand, there exists Weyl's formalism, in which one works from the beginning with 2 component Weyl spinors, which are the… 

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