Weyl problem and Casimir effects in spherical shell geometry

  title={Weyl problem and Casimir effects in spherical shell geometry},
  author={Eugene B. Kolomeisky and Hussain Zaidi and Luke S. Langsjoen and Joseph P Straley},
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We compute the generic mode sum that quantifies the effect on the spectrum of a harmonic field when a spherical shell is inserted into vacuum. This encompasses a variety of problems including the Weyl spectral problem and the Casimir effect of quantum electrodynamics. This allows us to resolve several long-standing controversies regarding the question of universality of the Casimir self-energy; the resolution comes naturally through the connection to the Weyl problem. Specifically we… 
Casimir interaction of arbitrarily shaped conductors.
The extension of this theory to the case of finite temperatures where the two-point scattering approximation result has a simple compact form, also amenable to exact or accurate numerical evaluation is given.
Repulsive Casimir and Casimir?Polder forces
Casimir and Casimir?Polder repulsions have been known for more than 50 years. The general ?Lifshitz? configuration of parallel semi-infinite dielectric slabs permits repulsion if they are separated
Some Subtleties in the Relationships among Heat Kernel Invariants, Eigenvalue Distributions, and Quantum Vacuum Energy
A common tool in Casimir physics (and many other areas) is the asymptotic (high-frequency) expansion of eigenvalue densities, employed as either input or output of calculations of the asymptotic
A New Method In Distribution Theory With A Non-Smooth Framework
In this work, we present a complete treatment of the theory of thick distributions and its asymptotic expansions. We also present several applications of thick distributions in mathematical physics,


The Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of Zero-Point Energy
Zero-point fluctuations in quantum fields give rise to observable forces between material bodies, the so-called Casimir forces. In these lectures I present the theory of the Casimir effect, primarily
The Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of Zero-Point Energy
A Course of Modern Analysis
The volume now gives a somewhat exhaustive account of the various ramifications of the subject, which are set out in an attractive manner and should become indispensable, not only as a textbook for advanced students, but as a work of reference to those whose aim is to extend the knowledge of analysis.
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Statistical Physics
Statistical Physics. By F. Mandl. Pp. xiii + 379. (Wiley: London and New York, July 1971.) £2.75. Statistical Physics. By A. Isihara. Pp. xv + 439. (Academic: New York and London, June 1971.) $18.50;
Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model has been used repeatedly to treat depression and anxiety. The case presented here is a 34-year-old female law student with an adjustment disorder with mixed
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