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Wetting hysteresis induces effective unidirectional water transport through a fluctuating nanochannel

  title={Wetting hysteresis induces effective unidirectional water transport through a fluctuating nanochannel},
  author={Noriyoshi Arai and Eiji Yamamoto and Takahiro Koishi and Yoshinori Hirano and Kenji Yasuoka and Toshikazu Ebisuzaki},
We propose a water pump that actively transports water molecules through nanochannels. Spatially asymmetric thermal fluctuations imposed on the channel radius cause unidirectional water flow without osmotic pressure, which can be attributed to hysteresis in the cyclic transition between the wetting/drying states. We show that the water transport depends on fluctuations, such as white, Brownian, and pink noises. Because of the high-frequency components in white noise, fast switching of open and… 

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