Wetting behavior of coal in the presence of some nonionic surfactants

  title={Wetting behavior of coal in the presence of some nonionic surfactants},
  author={Sweta Chander and B. R. Mohal and Frank F. Aplan},
  • Sweta Chander, B. R. Mohal, Frank F. Aplan
  • Published 1987
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract The wetting behavior of coal has been determined in the presence of nonyl and octyl series of nonionic surfactants containing polyethoxy groups of different sizes. The wetting behavior was determined by a modified Walker technique and contact angle measurements. The results show that the wetting rate of coal varies with coal rank, structure of the hydrocarbon chain and number of ethoxy groups in the hydrophilic group of the surfactant. A close relationship has been observed between the… CONTINUE READING

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