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Wet-dog shake

  title={Wet-dog shake},
  author={Andrew K. Dickerson and Grant Mills and Jay M. Bauman and Young-Hui Chang and David L. Hu},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Physical Society},
The drying of wet fur is a critical to mammalian heat regulation. In this fluid dynamics video, we show a sequence of films demonstrating how hirsute animals to rapidly oscillate their bodies to shed water droplets, nature's analogy to the spin cycle of a washing machine. High-speed videography and fur-particle tracking is employed to determine the angular position of the animal's shoulder skin as a function of time. X-ray cinematography is used to track the motion of the skeleton. We determine… 
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Aerial shaking performance of wet Anna's hummingbirds

The remarkable ability of hummingbirds to perform rapid shakes in order to expel water from their plumage even while in flight is reported on.