Western Style, Chinese Pop: Jay Chou's Rap and Hip-Hop in China

  title={Western Style, Chinese Pop: Jay Chou's Rap and Hip-Hop in China},
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Relocating the Functions of Chineseness in Chinese Popular Music after the China Wind

While the popularity of China Wind (zhongguofeng 中國風) music during the 2000s has waned somewhat since its peak, the notion of Chineseness in popular music requires reconfiguration. In the world of

Linguistic constraint, social meaning, and multi-modal stylistic construction: Case studies from Mandarin pop songs

Abstract While the sociolinguistic variable is often deemed the carrier of social meaning, recent work reveals that the strength of social meaning can interact with linguistic environments. This

The Place of Chinese Doramas in the Russian Socio-Cultural Landscape

  • Z. Lixia
  • Art
    Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies
  • 2021
The increasing interest of people around the world towards the popular cultures of China, Korea and Japan leads researchers to question how these countries influence the socio-cultural spaces of

Being nomadic and overseas rappers: Construction of hybrid identity in Chinese hip-hop scene

This research aims to explore the function of intercultural communication of Chinese Rap music and the construction of hybrid identity, through discourse analysis methods: Narrative Semiotics, visual

Protesting with Text and Image: Four Publications on the 2019 Pro-democracy Movement from Hong Kong Civil Society

Introduction On 4 September 2019, the Hong Kong government officially announced the withdrawal of a highly contentious extradition law that had sent more than two million citizens swarming the

“Rappers React to Covid-19”: What the Mobilisation of Chinese Rappers Teachers Us about Artistic Engagement in Times of Crisis

“It’s for the soldiers fighting in the hospitals all night Thanks for the lanterns lighting up the dark” — AR ft. Q.luv The “ad hoc coming together of popular musicians to record discs and/ or

Distinction in China - the rise of taste in cultural consumption

This research studies how cultural consumption draws cultural distinctions in the most developed megacities in China. This research examines the pattern of music consumption to examine

The Otherness of Talk: Raciolinguistics and the White Foreign Body of English in China

ABSTRACT Though race is rooted in ideas of biological essentialism, language is one of the key modalities through which it is realised in everyday practice. Recent attention in linguistic



Studies in Entertainment: Critical Approaches to Mass Culture

Foreword Introduction I. Traditions of Mass Culture Criticism 1. An Interview with Raymond Williams Stephen Heath and Gillian Skirrow 2. Theodor Adorno Meets the Cadillacs Bernard Gendron II. Studies

On Record: Rock, Pop and the Written Word

Classic sociological analyses of 'deviance' and rebellion; studies of technology; subcultural and feminist readings, semiotic and musicological essays and close readings of stars, bands and the fans

Popular culture in American history

Notes on Contributors. Preface: About This Book. Introduction: The Worldwide Web of Popular Culture. 1. In the Beginning. Timeline. Introduction. Chapbooks: Reconstructing the Reading of Early

Theories of political economy

'Political economy' has been the term used for the past 300 years to express the interrelationship between the political and economic affairs of the state. In Theories of Political Economy, first

Chinese Media, Global Contexts

Virtually every major media, information and telecommunications enterprise in the world is significantly tied to China. This volume provides the most expert, up-to-date and multidisciplinary analyses

What is political economy? : eight perspectives

Inventing Popular Culture: From Folklore to Globalization

Preface. 1. Popular Culture as Folk Culture: Nature and Nationalism. Pastoral Life as Primitive Culture. Music Hall and the Masses. Imagining the Past to Make the Present. Notes. 2. Popular Culture

Youth culture, music, and cell phone branding in China

This article tracks the relationship between music and youth culture in China in the context of transnational cell phone branding. A research project conducted by the author as a participant

War and Popular Culture: Resistance in Modern China, 1937-1945

This is the first comprehensive study of popular culture in twentieth-century China, and of its political impact during the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945 (known in China as 'The War of Resistance

Marketing Popular Culture in China: Andy Lau as a Pan-Chinese Icon.

  • In Chinese Media, Global Contexts,
  • 2003