Werner syndrome protein participates in a complex with RAD51, RAD54, RAD54B and ATR in response to ICL-induced replication arrest

  title={Werner syndrome protein participates in a complex with RAD51, RAD54, RAD54B and ATR in response to ICL-induced replication arrest},
  author={M. Otterlei and P. Bruheim and B. Ahn and W. Bussen and P. Karmakar and K. Baynton and V. Bohr},
  journal={Journal of Cell Science},
  pages={5137 - 5146}
  • M. Otterlei, P. Bruheim, +4 authors V. Bohr
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Cell Science
  • Werner syndrome (WS) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by genomic instability caused by defects in the WRN gene encoding a member of the human RecQ helicase family. RecQ helicases are involved in several DNA metabolic pathways including homologous recombination (HR) processes during repair of stalled replication forks. Following introduction of interstrand DNA crosslinks (ICL), WRN relocated from nucleoli to arrested replication forks in the nucleoplasm where it interacted with the HR… CONTINUE READING
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    RECQL5/Recql5 helicase regulates homologous recombination and suppresses tumor formation via disruption of Rad51 presynaptic filaments.
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    The Werner syndrome protein functions in repair of Cr(VI)-induced replication-associated DNA damage.
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    Werner syndrome helicase activity is essential in maintaining fragile site stability
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    Werner Syndrome Protein and DNA Replication
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    WRN participates in translesion synthesis pathway through interaction with NBS1
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    WRN Interacts Physically and Functionally with the Recombination Mediator Protein RAD52*
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    Werner Syndrome Protein and the MRE11 Complex are Involved in a Common Pathway of Replication Fork Recovery
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    Werner syndrome protein, the MRE11 complex and ATR: menage-à-trois in guarding genome stability during DNA replication?
    • P. Pichierri, A. Franchitto
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    • BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology
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    Potential Role for the BLM Helicase in Recombinational Repair via a Conserved Interaction with RAD51*
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    Werner's syndrome protein (WRN) migrates Holliday junctions and co‐localizes with RPA upon replication arrest
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    The Werner syndrome helicase and exonuclease cooperate to resolve telomeric D loops in a manner regulated by TRF1 and TRF2.
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    Telomere-binding Protein TRF2 Binds to and Stimulates the Werner and Bloom Syndrome Helicases*
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    WRN helicase and FEN-1 form a complex upon replication arrest and together process branchmigrating DNA structures associated with the replication fork.
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    The Werner Syndrome Gene Product Co-purifies with the DNA Replication Complex and Interacts with PCNA and Topoisomerase I*
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