Werner Heisenberg, 5 December 1901 - 1 February 1976

  title={Werner Heisenberg, 5 December 1901 - 1 February 1976},
  author={N. Mott and R. Peierls},
  journal={Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society},
  pages={212 - 251}
  • N. Mott, R. Peierls
  • Published 1977
  • Physics
  • Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
In the great revolution in fundamental physics which started with the ideas of Planck and culminated in the impressive breakthrough of the mid nineteentwenties, and in the completed framework of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg made many important contributions. Among these, two, the basic treatment of quantum transitions and the formulation of the uncertainty principle, were so original and impressive that they came close to the popular image, so often unrealistic, of great new concepts growing… Expand
Getting even with Heisenberg N . P . Landsman 0
‘Aber es ist ein wichtiger Unterschied zwischen allem, was vor 1933 geschah, und dem, was dann kam: Alles frühere zog an uns vorbei und über uns hin, es beschäftigte uns und regte uns auf, und denExpand
Probabilistic Model Checking of the One-Dimensional Ising Model
This paper shows that probabilistic model checking allows one to analyze the magnetic behaviors of the one-dimensional Ising model, which describes physical phenomena of magnets. Expand
Getting even with Heisenberg
Aber es ist ein wichtiger Unterschied zwischen allem, was vor 1933 geschah, und dem, was dann kam: Alles fr . uhere zog an uns vorbei und . uber uns hin, es besch. aftigte uns und regte uns auf, undExpand
PAPER Special Section on Formal Approach Probabilistic Model Checking of the One-Dimensional Ising Model
Probabilistic model checking is an emerging verification technology for probabilistic analysis. Its use has been started not only in computer science but also in interdisciplinary fields. In thisExpand
The Life and Times of Werner Heisenberg
An attractive theory


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When I have to sum up the results of our conference on quantum-electrodynamics I feel this is an especially difficult task, because here the situation is still worse than in the case ofExpand
The Yukawa Theory of Nuclear Forces in the Light of Present Quantum Theory of Wave Fields
The Yukawa theory of nuclear forces1) has led to many successes and, owing to the present state of quantum theory, to some difficulties. Among the difficulties one remembers first the existence ofExpand
Magnons in a model with antiferromagnetic properties
SummaryThe symmetry properties of the photon are different from those expected at first sight for a Goldstone particle belonging to a degeneracy of the ground state with respect to the isospin group.Expand
Production of Meson Showers
The recent admirable progress in photographic technique achieved by Powell and his group has resulted in most beautiful pictures of the creation of many mesons in one single act, and the experiments on local penetrating showers show that these showers are produced in light material, probably also hydrogen, even more frequently than in heavy material. Expand
The production of mesons in very high energy collisions
When nuclear encounters take place at very high energies, say of 100 GeV or more, then usually many mesons are produced. This does not necessarily mean that already in a nucleon-nucleon collisionExpand
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THE theory of Yukawa contains interaction terms between mesotrons and nuclear particles, which lead to cross sections for the scattering of mesotrons by nuclear particles that increase withExpand
50 Jahre Quantentheorie
Am 19. Oktober ! 900, also vor fast genau 50 Jahren trugen KURLBAUM und RUBENS fiber lleue und genaue Messungen zur W~rmestrahlung vor. In dem Bericht der Berliner Physikalischen GeseUschaft fiberExpand
Development of Concepts in the History of Quantum Theory
Editor’s note: The Editor heard Professor Heisenberg deliver the substance of this article as a lecture at Harvard University. We are grateful that permission has been granted to reprint thisExpand
Nonlinear problems in physics
NONLINEAR PROBLEMS in physics are difficult to discuss for several reasons. First, what are nonlinear problems? Practically every problem in theoretical physics is governed by nonlinear mathematicalExpand
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