Wellenlängen-Diskriminatoren im intrakranialen Pinealorgan vonRana catesbyana


The photosensitivity of the epiphysis cerebri of bullfrogs (Rana catesbyana) was investigated by recording with 3 M-KC1 glasscapillary microelectrodes. Of 65 units isolated from the tractus pinealis 21 were inhibited by short wave lengths and excited by longer wave lengths (chromatic response), 44 units were inhibited by all wave lengths (achromatic… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01897496


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@article{Morita2005WellenlngenDiskriminatorenII, title={Wellenl{\"a}ngen-Diskriminatoren im intrakranialen Pinealorgan vonRana catesbyana}, author={Yukinori Morita}, journal={Experientia}, year={2005}, volume={25}, pages={1277-1277} }