Well-posedness of stochastic 2D hydrodynamics type systems with multiplicative Lévy noises

  title={Well-posedness of stochastic 2D hydrodynamics type systems with multiplicative L{\'e}vy noises},
  author={Xuhui Peng and Juan Yang and Jianliang Zhai},
  journal={Electronic Journal of Probability},
We establish the existence and uniqueness of solutions to an abstract nonlinear equation driven by a multiplicative noise of Levy type, which covers many hydrodynamical models including 2D Navier-Stokes equations, 2D MHD equations, the 2D Magnetic Bernard problem, and several Shell models of turbulence. In the existing literature on this topic, besides the classical Lipschitz and one sided linear growth conditions, other assumptions, which might be untypical, are also required on the… 



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