Well-defined set of exponents for a pair contact process with diffusion.


Recently it was suggested that a pair contact process with diffusion (PCPD) might represent an independent new universality class different from the directed percolation (DP) and the parity conservation (PC) class. The dynamics in the PCPD are usually controlled by two independent parameters. The critical exponents for the PCPD are known to have different values for varying values of the two independent parameters. However, once the diffusion and annihilation (or coagulation) rate in the PCPD is tuned in a way that the process without offspring production is exactly solvable, a well-defined set of the exponents for the PCPD is obtained. Then dynamics are controlled by only one independent parameter. The obtained critical exponents are different than those of DP and PC. The critical exponents satisfy the generalized hyperscaling relation within numerical errors.

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@article{Park2002WelldefinedSO, title={Well-defined set of exponents for a pair contact process with diffusion.}, author={Kwangho Park and In-mook Kim}, journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics}, year={2002}, volume={66 2 Pt 2}, pages={027106} }