Well-being warriors: A randomized controlled trial examining the effects of martial arts training on secondary students' resilience.

  title={Well-being warriors: A randomized controlled trial examining the effects of martial arts training on secondary students' resilience.},
  author={Brian Moore and Stuart Woodcock and Dean A. Dudley},
  journal={The British journal of educational psychology},
BACKGROUND Mental health problems are a growing and significant issue in the Australian education system. Research has suggested that resilience can be learned and that schools can play an important role in developing resilient skills among youth; however, rigorous evaluation of interventions promoting resilience is limited. AIMS As martial arts training has been found to have psychological benefits such as increased confidence and self-esteem, this study investigated whether a 10-week… 

Academic Motivation of Indonesian University Students: Relationship with Self-Compassion and Resilience

Academic motivation is an important construct for university students, associated with student wellbeing and academic performance. Students who are motivated tend to feel and perform well.

Self-Assessment of Pedagogical Abilities in the Professional Training of Elementary School Teachers

Introduction. The article analyzes the development of self-esteem of the pedagogical abilities of students – future primary school teachers. The relevance of the study is determined by the ambiguity

Computational Intelligence and Applications of Virtual Reality Technology in Martial Arts Teaching System

The performance of the martial arts teaching system has been improved after the combination of virtual reality technology and software priority processing function, indicating that the priority of martial arts action frame is improved.



A Sports-Based Youth Development Program, Teen Mental Health, and Physical Fitness: An RCT

A PYD-based sports mentorship intervention improved healthy adolescents’ mental well-being, psychological assets, physical fitness, and physical activity levels.

Mindfulness Enhances Use of Secondary Control Strategies in High School Students at Risk for Mental Health Challenges

Adolescence is a developmental period marked by considerable biological, social, and psychological changes, with rates of self-reported stress on the rise mirroring those of adults. Mindfulness

The social-psychological outcomes of martial arts practise among youth: a review.

It is proposed that a better understanding can be provided if specific influential factors are taken into account in future research (i.e., participants' characteristics, type of guidance, social context and structural qualities of the sport).

Effects of Participation in a Martial Arts-Based Antibullying Program in Elementary Schools.

This study evaluated the Gentle Warrior Program, a traditional martial arts–based intervention to reduce aggression in children, as it was implemented in three elementary schools. The sample

An effective approach to violence prevention: traditional martial arts in middle school.

This study replicated and extended the design and outcome measures of several small studies. In these studies, juveniles at high risk for violence and delinquency showed decreased violence and

Physical activity improves mental health through resilience in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents

There was a significant positive association between the PA level and mental well-being of Chinese adolescents and resilience mediated the majority of this relationship.

A review of the effects of martial arts practice on health.

  • Thomas W. Woodward
  • Education, Medicine
    WMJ : official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin
  • 2009
An overview of martial arts for physicians who may evaluate such injuries in their practice is provided and Physicians may wish to consider recommending martial arts to patients as a beneficial form of exercise.

Building Resilience: The Conceptual Basis and Research Evidence for Resilience Training Programs

The relationship between adverse experiences and later development has been explored by many researchers, leading to the conceptualization of resilience as a factor explaining the normal or optimal