Welding and Joining I

  title={Welding and Joining I},
  author={Richard Freeman},
• Collision welding – a brand new, patented method for welding dissimilar and very strong metals • Lightweighting, multi-material structures (magnesium, aluminum, titanium) • Vaporizing foil actuator (VFA) metalworking for impulse processes on a small scale • Simulation-driven welding assembly, weld design and stress analysis, and welding process modeling • Instrumentation and design solutions • Resistance spot welding • Weld process optimization • Failure analysis of welds • Conformal joining… 

ScienceDirect 20 th European Conference on Fracture ( ECF 20 ) Fatigue failure of a flash butt welded rail

Medium carbon steel rails are commonly jointed by means of a flash butt welding procedure. To ensure an adequate service life for the structural component commonly subjected to fatigue loading, a

Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Microstructure and Room·High Temperature Tensile Properties of Fe-Cr-Ni based HK30 Alloy Manufactured by Metal Injection Molding Process

This study manufactured Fe-Cr-Ni-based alloy (HK30) using the metal injection molding (MIM) process and investigated the microstructure and room·high temperature mechanical properties of the