Weitere Ergebnisse zur Frage „Macropterie und Fruchtbarkeit bei Orthopteren”

  title={Weitere Ergebnisse zur Frage „Macropterie und Fruchtbarkeit bei Orthopteren”},
  author={Willy Ramme},
Songs and morphology in three species of the Chorthippusbiguttulus group (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Gomphocerinae) in Russia and adjacent countries
Songs and morphology are compared between Chorthippusmiramae (Vorontsovsky, 1928) and two other closely related species, C.brunneus and C.porphyropterus, and it is shown that C.Miramae generally demonstrates a richer song repertoire than the other two species.
Morphology, bioacoustics and phylogeography of the Isophya major group (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae): A species complex occurring in Anatolia and Cyprus
It is concluded that the division of I. salmani and I. mavromoustakisi was a vicariant event resulting from the of Cyprus and Anatolia due to reflooding of the Mediterranean after the Messinian salinity crisis at the beginning of the Pliocene, around 5 My ago.
The genus Isophya Brunner von Wattenwyl (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae) from the Batı Karadeniz Region of Turkey, NW Anatolia
Nine isophya species were studied from the Batı Karadeniz Region of Turkey and one new species, Isophya yaraligozi, described, and a key to the species of the region is provided.
Revision of the Poecilimon ornatus group (Orthoptera: Phaneropteridae) with particular reference to the taxa in Bulgaria and Macedonia.
The Poecilimon ornatus group has an exclusively European distribution and includes the largest species in the genus. A revision of the taxa belonging to this group in Bulgaria and Macedonia (Central
The auditory system of non-calling grasshoppers (Melanoplinae: Podismini) and the evolutionary regression of their tympanal ears
It is concluded that the auditory sensitivity of all four silent grasshopper species may be maintained by stabilising selective forces, such as predation.
Experimental evidence for density-determined wing dimorphism in two bush-crickets (Ensifera: Tettigoniidae)
It is argued that macropterism is mainly influenced by density stress in both bush-crickets and therefore the observed high numbers of long-winged individuals of M. brachyptera, which are very rare under natural conditions, would never have developed in the laboratory.
Research between natural and cultural history information: Benefits and IT-requirements for transdisciplinarity
An approach to transdisciplinary information integration employing a core ontology based on the CIDOC-Conceptual Reference Model (ISO 21127) is described, which can be regarded as semantic glue between and within scientific and scholarly domains.
Rhacocleis Fieber 1853 and Pterolepis Rambur 1838, distinct species groups or not ?
The armature of the upper inner margin of the fore tibia proved a more reliable character than the traditional hind tibial armature to separate Pterolepis and Rhacocleis, indicating that the synonymy of RhacOCleis with Pterolespis proposed in Heller et al. (1998), should be re-evaluated.