Weird and Wonderful: The Dime Museum in America

  title={Weird and Wonderful: The Dime Museum in America},
  author={Andrea Stulman Dennett},
Optimizing Human Performance—A Brief History of Macro and Micro Perspectives
Since the origins ofHomo sapiens300,000 years ago, the quest to optimize human performance has shaped historical development. A macrohistorical perspective reveals that for 290,000 years theExpand
Does this fig leaf make me look gay? Strongmen, statue posing and physique photography
  • K. Snow
  • Art
  • Early Popular Visual Culture
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Studies of the male nude in photography assume a necessity to ‘desexualize’ early physique photographs, which they treat as evidence of proto-gay sensibilities, by reference to classicalExpand
Middle of nowhere: contesting rural heritage at the World Famous Gopher Hole Museum
Abstract The World Famous Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, Canada, is a rural museum located in a relatively isolated hamlet of less than 200 people. Inside the museum, small diorama boxesExpand
Freak Bodies Politic: Charles Stratton, Dred, and the Embodiment of National Innocence
Examining the performances of celebrity freak Charles Stratton (a.k.a. General Tom Thumb), this essay reorients recent efforts to read the cultural construction of blackness through its intersectionsExpand
Frontier travel narratives: The making of authorship and culture in the nineteenth-century United States
McAndrew, Quentin (Ph.D., Department of English) Frontier Travel Narratives: The Making of Authorship and Culture in the Nineteenth-Century United States Thesis directed by Associate ProfessorExpand
Entertaining Children of All Ages: Nineteenth-Century Popular Theater as Children’s Theater
This essay contends that young Americans were so omnipresent as performers and audience members during the nineteenth century that virtually all forms of popular theater from this period—includingExpand
‘To Polish and Adorn the Mind’: The United States Naval Lyceum at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, 1833–89
Abstract The United States Naval Lyceum, a museum and library at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, offers a revealing insight into the history of American science, material culture, and museums. This articleExpand